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    Gemstone Stacker Ring Class

    by Walker Jewelry

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    We will begin making our gemstone stacker rings by first picking out which stones you would like to use and some background about stone hardness and qualities. I have a variety of birthstones and colors for you to choose from. Next you will learn to properly size and cut material for your first silver ring.

    This class is a great setting to learn how to silver solder with control as you will also carefully solder a bezel onto your ring. After polishing the rings you will learn to properly set your cabochon stone using a bezel pusher.

    Make 2 sterling silver or silver and brass rings in the 2 hour class. Plus as many metal stacker rings as the time allows. Typically people end up with 4 rings total in this class.

    Gemstone options change monthly, although I try to keep a wide variety of options in stock. Message me for special requests! Typical stone choices include: Garnet, onyx, moonstone, opal, rose quartz, and jade. 


    Classes are limited to 1-5 at this time. 

    For large groups or private parties, send me a message.